((althought does water my eyes wen people still get inspired by my oc mike wen i haven’t been drawing him much))


tentascout for saf

and ninzja’s awesome loadout


all the series of scouts that i came across

scout, robot, hot dog, Zombie, Merman

asshat is my stupid idea as well with my:
cyborg mike tentascout Demon
the Hunter scout idea belongs to emi-ookami
and the Oil and Blood scout half human and robot belongs topybun

as for Harpy Scout was old when i searched up in my gallery
heres the owner rebbacus

anndd i never ever ever EVER! stop drawing scoot! B)


((i havent been on this blog for 845683q753qw9rq2345q34r2345years……

lets say my life changed abit and do wish to continue but lost interested answering asks.

But wen inspiration strike for Mike i will draw him someday =w= ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ))


Genderbent of Mike, I would call her Michealyn (thanks lucy) but she likes to be call Mike since i made her tomboy-ish

I made her personality opposite to normal Mike so; Michealyn is cheerful and Mike is grumpy and serious looking, Tenta version: i made her grumpy and him always a cocky douche perv lol. when it comes to encounter scout she helps them and he just slaughters them. hope that make sense haha….

i think i’m in love drawing her X_X just daymn




Crappy presents part 1.

AKA I have no money so get ready for sketches

What would ya do if you got your legs back for one day?

If i get them back, i will love to go bang Snipes first >B)

(( i am sorting out asks right now and don’t want to anger you guys but i’m deleting the ones that Mike already answered and yes im doing this because i am bored and MIGHT draw answers some :P))